Best Spy Apps for iPhone without Access to Target Phone (Updated 2024)

Best spy apps for iPhone without access to target phone

Our everyday lives now revolve around our smartphones. We use them for everything, including banking, shopping, entertainment, and simple communication. But it also means that a lot of our private and sensitive data is stored on our cell phones.

You might occasionally worry about how your spouse or child is using their iPhone and what information is on it as a worried parent or partner. It is unethical to access someone else’s iPhone without that person’s consent. Nonetheless, some reliable spy apps are available that may remotely gather usage statistics for iPhones and other smartphones without requiring physical access to the target phone.

What Can You Find Out Without Accessing Someone’s iPhone Directly?

Leading remote surveillance apps can display the following kinds of iPhone data without requiring you to have physical access to the target device:

  • Call and Text Logs: All incoming and outgoing calls as well as text messages are viewable, and you can see details about each one, such as the duration, date and time, and contact names and numbers (for SMS texts only). WhatsApp, Telegram, and other encrypted apps, however, cannot be watched.
  • Locations Visited: You may view the locations that an iPhone user has visited in the last seven to fifteen days thanks to cell tower-based location monitoring. A map of the locations is provided for easier comprehension.
  • Web browsing activity: The iPhone’s default browsers provide access to the URLs of websites viewed. On the other hand, websites accessed through other apps cannot be tracked.
  • Wi-fi Networks Connected To: This list includes the names times and dates of the connections made by the iPhone with various WiFi networks. This provides supplementary location data as well.
  • Images & Videos Captured (iOS Only): Spy apps on iPhones and iPads even allow you to see images and videos captured by the device’s cameras remotely. Nevertheless, downloaded or received media is not accessible.

You now know what information, if any, an iPhone spy program without iCloud access might reveal. Find out which apps have these features by reading on.

List of The 13 Best Spy Apps for iPhone Without Needing Installation in 2024

Disclaimer: Please check your local laws before using any monitoring or tracking software.

I’ve evaluated the top 11 iPhone remote spy applications below based on functionality, dependability, cost, and user reviews:

1. uMobix

umobix web screenshot
uMobix Screenshot

Though it is a relative newcomer to the no-jailbreak iPhone espionage scene, uMobix has already become well-known. Important attributes provided are:

  • Monitor iMessages, even those you’ve deleted.
  • Internet Activity Tracking
  • Remote Access to the Camera Roll
  • GPS tracking and geofencing
  • Keylogs and Screenshots That Capture
  • Full Call Records and Spying Contacts

Even though it is relatively new, uMobix appears to be a reliable remote iPhone monitoring solution that covers all the essential espionage functions. It does require some sophisticated tracking features and dashboard user interface enhancements. However, all in all, it offers fair value for a user-friendly platform.

Cost: $38.5 monthly

2. mSpy

mspy web screenshot
Mspy Screenshot

When it comes to Apple spyware solutions, mSpy is undoubtedly the most popular program in the market. mSpy offers comprehensive iPhone data extraction features without requiring access to the target device, such as:

  • Text Messaging and App Content
  • Precise GPS Positions
  • Every Image and Video Captured
  • Calendar entries and emails
  • History of Websites
  • WiFi Network Setup
  • Keylogs Recording
  • History of Installed Apps
  • Passwords and Contacts

When it comes to remotely accessing iPhone data, MSpy is unmatched. It is more appropriate for commercial use than for casual monitoring purposes due to its high price tag and intricate dashboards.

Cost: $16.66+ per month

3. SpyBubble

spybubble web screenshot
SpyBubble Screenshot

The same business that owns Highster Mobile also owns SpyBubble, an extremely powerful iOS surveillance phone that is unlocked. Among the noteworthy features offered are:

  • Monitoring Text Messages
  • Sites Explored with Geofencing
  • Internet Surfing History
  • Multimedia File Access
  • Spying on Address Books and Calendars
  • Geo-fencing for Alerts on Location
  • Examining Removed Content
  • Alerts for Keyword Issues

SpyBubble is a better option for iPhone surveillance if Highster Mobile appears good to you but you want more capabilities like geofencing warnings and erased data recovery. It’s a great bargain because of the affordable prices and free upgrades.

Cost: $49.99 one-time fee

4. Spyic

spyic web screenshot
Spyic Screenshot

Spyic offers a distinctive product in the shape of a feature-rich web application that includes:

  • SMS and MMS tracking
  • Content of messaging apps
  • Places marked on a map
  • Locations of cell towers
  • Bookmarks and browsing history
  • WiFi networks established
  • Images and videos in the media files
  • Device details: battery and memory
  • History of screen grabs
  • Keylogger for monitoring presses

Few competitors can match the depth of surveillance that Spyic offers. It does need to make its legal policies involving consent in different nations more clear. It appears promising overall for covert iOS spying.

Cost: $49 per month


XNSPY web screenshot
XNSPY Screenshot

One of the best iPhone tracking apps is XNSPY as well. Without installation or physical access, iPhone espionage is possible with its no-jailbreak concept. Key characteristics of XNSPY are:

  • Even erased texts and iMessages
  • Email correspondence
  • Where it is on the map
  • WiFi Connections
  • Bookmarks & History in Safari
  • Alerts for Changes in Cell Tower Location
  • Pictures & Videos in the Media Files
  • Installed Applications
  • Scheduled Events
  • Notes and Reminders
  • Contacts, Passwords, and Call Log

XNSPY performs marginally better than Highster in terms of the depth of iPhone data that it can remotely retrieve. But because of its extremely high membership costs, it loses points.

It’s still among the best iPhone spy software without access, although it’s more appropriate for business usage than for private consumers.

Cost: $13.66+ per month

6. Eyezy

Eyezy Screenshot

Eyezy, a relative newcomer, appears to have a lot of features for remote iPhone espionage, including:

  • Call records and text messages
  • Places Viewed on Maps
  • Website History Tracking
  • Tracking the Exchange of Multimedia Files
  • Screenshots Archives
  • Alerts for Installing Apps
  • WiFi and Connections to Cell Towers
  • Spying on Calendar and Events

Given its recent introduction to the market, Eyezy has received several complaints regarding stability. However, it’s worth a try for those who only need basic iPhone monitoring due to its affordable price and free trial period.

Cost: $25 monthly

7. CocoSpy

Cocospy Screenshot

CocoSpy markets itself as an inexpensive, user-friendly iPhone tracking solution with the following featured features:

  • Content of Texts and Messaging Apps
  • Current Positions on a Map
  • Tracking of Web Browser History
  • Exchange of Multimedia Files
  • Screen Recording Capabilities
  • Monitoring the Installation of Apps
  • WiFi and Connections to Cell Towers
  • Geo-fencing to Detect Missions

Reliability-wise, CocoSpy appears to match that of premium products, but without the expensive subscription costs. It’s worth looking into because of its media files and screen recording capabilities.

Cost: $39.99 monthly

8. iKeyMonitor

iKey Monitor
iKey Monitor Screenshot

iKeyMonitor provides access-restricted premium features for spying on iOS devices. Among the essential elements are:

  • Content of SMS, Emails, and Messaging Apps
  • History of Web Browsers
  • The Background of Web Browsers
  • Cloud Backup for Media Files
  • Screenshots Archives
  • Apps Installed and Usage
  • WiFi and Connections to Cell Towers
  • Complete Reports and Warnings Personalization

iKeyMonitor’s records of iPhone actions exhibit remarkable depth. But compared to residential users, enterprise purchasers are the target market for both its dashboard and pricing structure.

Cost: $15.66+ per month

9. SpyStealth

SpyStealth Screenshot

Although it’s a little-known program, SpyStealth appears to be a reliable and feature-rich remote iOS surveillance tool. Among its noteworthy qualities are:

  • Examine iMessage and Text Messages
  • Monitor Call Recordings
  • Track GPS Places Visited
  • Track Your Online History
  • View the Exchanged Pictures and Videos
  • Take Remote Screenshots
  • Monitor Installed and Used Apps
  • Examine Cell Tower and WiFi Connections

There is room for improvement when it comes to SpyStealth’s level of iPhone data monitoring. Nonetheless, it can be used for simple surveillance tasks due to its dependability and low cost.

Cost: $29.99 monthly

Geofinder. mobi Screenshot

GEOfinder provides a special service with a strong emphasis on location tracking:

  • Accurate GPS Position Monitoring
  • Location-Based Data Logger
  • Warnings and Geofencing
  • Tracking Mode in the Background
  • Exporting Location Reports
  • Battery-Friendly Surveillance

GEOfinder is primarily focused on advanced location monitoring; it lacks other typical spyware functions. However, it offers exceptional levels of precision if monitoring in real-time or location history is your primary requirement.

Cost: $5.99+ monthly

11. FlexiSPY

FlexiSpy Screenshot

FlexiSPY provides incredibly potent remote spying features for iOS devices.

  • Content of Messaging Apps and iMessage
  • Headers and Body Text of Emails
  • Call records including time stamps and duration
  • Media Files: Pictures, Films
  • History and Bookmarks in Your Browser
  • Screenshots Archives
  • Monitoring the Installation of Apps
  • Password Watching
  • Ambient Listening and Call Recording
  • Alerts with Geo-fencing

FlexiSPY is a tough competitor if you require the utmost in depth data monitoring for iPhones. However, considering the rates, these pro-grade features also make it more appropriate for commercial use.

Cost: $68+ monthly

How Does iPhone Spying Without Access Work?

To utilize these apps, you don’t need to perform any difficult iPhone hacking or spy movie tricks. Their setup entails taking advantage of system logs and specific backup features included in iOS.

The surveillance software connects to Apple’s servers and syncs data from the iPhone when it is launched using the iCloud credentials of the target device. It can now access faraway areas for monitoring thanks to this.

Here is a quick 4 step understanding of the no-access iPhone spying process:

  • Step 1) The program verifies access using the iCloud credentials you gave.
  • Step 2) After that, it contacts the iPhone using iCloud and instructs it to make an encrypted backup.
  • Step 3) After receiving this trigger, your iPhone backs up specific data to Apple’s servers, or iCloud.
  • Step 4) To extract the data that it shows you, the spy software now syncs with the same iCloud backup copy.

To keep the observed data current, this operation is performed on a regular basis. Without ever having to come into contact with the intended iOS device, everything operates remotely over the cloud!

What Can You NOT See Without iPhone Access?

While non-jailbreak iPhone spy applications provide some good information, system limitations prevent them from capturing other items. Among them are:

  • End-to-end encryption prevents content from messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and others from being read. There is only basic metadata available, such as sender, recipients, timestamps, etc.
  • In-App Web Browsing History: This feature only displays web activity from the integrated Safari browser. Since Facebook, Instagram, and other apps don’t sync data with iCloud, it is impossible to track websites that are opened within them.
  • Deleted Data: Since Apple does not back up deleted content to the cloud, any data that the user deletes from their iPhone will not appear in the spy software.
  • Some Apps: Some apps, including Snapchat, Tinder, and others, have additional privacy and encryption layers that stop their data from syncing with iCloud. Spy apps can’t access its contents as a result.

Is It Safe to Use iPhone Spyware Without Holding the Device?

For some, the idea of remotely hacking an iPhone may seem dubious and unsettling. On the other hand, the best espionage apps use permission iCloud access and provide encrypted backups, just like Apple’s own iPhone backup systems.

These programs are made to operate entirely remotely and don’t install anything on the intended device. This eliminates the need for you to physically alter someone else’s iPhone.

The numerous security precautions taken by the best iPhone spy tools ensure data privacy, safety, and stealth for both the user and the subjects of the monitoring. To avoid monitoring someone without their agreement, please make sure you first review the applicable local legislation in your area.

The top suppliers of iPhone spyware offer the following safety guarantees:

  • Anonymity: We never give your information or order data to outside parties. There are further possibilities for anonymous payments, such as Bitcoin.
  • Secured Data Servers: Data that is being monitored is kept safe on cloud servers that are heavily encrypted to prevent hackers from accessing it.
  • No Detectible Footprints: You don’t leave any physical proof of your surveillance on the target phone because no apps are installed on it.
  • Legal Compliance and No Tracking Misuse: Suppliers such as Neatspy and XNSPY expressly oppose any illegal tracking of iPhones without permission. Its EULA requires all customers to use their product solely ethically and legally.

Just make sure that the legal sections of the spy app you choose provide you with assurances regarding data security, user privacy, and misuse prevention. If a vendor seems unsure about how they will handle your sensitive data, stay away.

Can iPhone Spying Be Detected by Users?

The simple answer is NO, at least not if you buy reliable malware made expressly for remote, install-free iOS monitoring.

Reputable spy programs operate completely covertly, leaving no traces on the target iPhone—no files, app icons, settings modifications, etc. Not even in the device’s internal analytics logs or backups have any irregularities been found.

On the other hand, you should steer clear of any app that requests that you install a corporate developer profile or dubious certifications on your iPhone. They may reveal to astute users that they are being watched!

If risk-free invisibility is your primary concern when monitoring iPhones, then stick to legitimate spyware manufacturers like XNSPY and Highster Mobile. Make sure their no-jailbreak iOS solutions have a zero percent probability of being discovered by carefully reviewing them.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Free Spy App

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a free spy app:

1. Data Access Restrictions

There are restrictions on how much and how often you may access data with many free spy programs. Verify whether there are any limitations on phone logs, SMS, location monitoring, or other similar features. It is better to have fewer restrictions.

2. Advertisements and Upsells

Be wary of intrusive advertisements on the app dashboard. Check if accessing all features requires upgrading to a costly subscription plan as well. Less pressure to upsell is better.

3. Customer Support Availability

A clear phone number and assurances of prompt customer service are important to look for. With complicated monitoring tools, it can be annoying to not receive immediate support. Answers to questions given quickly are very valuable.

4. App Ratings and Reviews

Examine reviews left by users and the total app store rankings prior to selecting a product. Keep an eye out for warning signs such as crashes, problems being reported, or being detected or blocked by antivirus software. Confidence is derived from higher satisfaction and star ratings.

5. Legal and Ethical Policies

Go over the privacy statement, terms of service, etc. on the app website carefully. Avert products that are ambiguous about how to avoid misuse or follow legal monitoring processes. Accountability is provided by explicit assertions.

Once these fundamentals are resolved, it will be easier to focus on risk-free surveillance programs that fulfill their promises. Don’t blindly download any free surveillance program without doing your research first.

FAQs on Spying iPhones Remotely Without Access

Here, I’ve addressed some more frequent questions that individuals looking into these technologies frequently have:

Does the intended iPhone require internet access?

The spy app needs to have functional internet access in order to continuously receive updated data from the device over the iCloud conduit. Updates may not be received if the monitored iPhone is not connected to the internet.

Can I view real-time data from my iPhone?

Most spy apps operate a little bit behind real-time. This means that instead of appearing quickly, data appears after a 5–15 minute delay. On the other hand, some tools have Alerts that notify you as soon as specific actions take place on the intended device.

Do spyware apps cause my iPhone’s battery to die?

Not at all, since they don’t alter the target device in any way. Complete uninterrupted background app updating is maintained. You only become aware of a slight increase in battery life while performing sporadic iCloud backups.

Can I utilize these tools with the anticipated iPhone 16 that will launch in 2024, or even the iPhone 15?

Absolutely! When new iOS versions are released, premium vendors support them with full software updates. This ensures that they keep up their accurate monitoring regardless of the iPhone model or iOS upgrades.

How much time can I spend watching my iPhone?

The majority of tools provide flexible one- to twelve-month subscription options. Highster Mobile even allows you to monitor an iPhone for as long as you want without requiring additional payments for a one-time cost.

Can they discover that I’m eavesdropping on them remotely?

Never, if you pick a trustworthy iPhone surveillance program! Without installing any programs, the entire procedure operates covertly through Apple’s cloud backup system. This completely removes any evidence of surveillance. There is zero chance of your secret being discovered—just keep it that way.

What occurs when an iPhone user turns off iCloud Backups?

Apps for remote iPhone access mostly rely on the functionality of iCloud backups. It may result in updates being missed if the target user turns off backups. The finest programs notify you when problems arise, such as when iCloud backup is deactivated.

Wrapping Up – Choose Spyware Smartly and Spy Safely!

You learned all about how iPhone surveillance applications that don’t require access function by reading this guide. They reliably extract enormous volumes of data by taking advantage of legal iOS features.

Select a reliable spyware provider and stick to using their products ethically and legally. Prevent invasions of privacy and stalking.

There are gray areas when it comes to surreptitiously monitoring someone’s smartphone. However, businesses, parents, and partners can also profit from spy applications when they are utilized responsibly. Just use caution and safety when choosing these instruments. The remainder is quite simple!

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